Our State-of-the-Art Technology at
Duncraig Dental Care

Duncraig Dental Care is equipped with high-tech, modern dental tools, offering advanced treatment methods and comprehensive dental services for a healthy mouth.
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CEREC CAD/CAM Technology

Our CEREC technology allows us to create custom-made dental crowns, veneers, and tooth fillings relatively quickly and in a single appointment.

We take digital scans of teeth instead of traditional impressions and convert them to 3D models for creating new teeth.

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dental lasers

Dental Lasers

We use Waterlase™ Dental Laser, which targets soft and hard tissues without direct contact to cut, etch, and shape them with high precision.

We offer gentle, comfortable, and less invasive dental procedures to our patients with our dental lasers.

Intraoral Scanner

We know digital impression technology not only makes scanning faster, but it yields better restorations, experience, and results for patients.

With this tiny device, we can take a scan or digital impression of your teeth in a matter of seconds.

intraoral camera
digital xrays

Digital X-rays

We invest in digital dental X-rays to take sharper and more enhanced images of the teeth, bones, and soft tissues.

This technology reveals cavities and other underlying issues that are unable to be seen with visual inspections, allowing for an earlier diagnosis of problems.


We use dental microscopes in our dental clinic, which provide superior magnification, aiding in precise diagnosis and treatment.

This modern dental equipment enables clarity in pinpointing problems within a tooth, making our treatments efficient in achieving optimal results.

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3D Printer

At Duncraig Dental Care, we fabricate precise dental models and prosthetics, such as crowns and bridges, using 3D printing technology.

Our 3D Printer revolutionises dentistry, enhancing efficiency and reducing waiting times to create dental restorations for convenient patient care.

Digital Photography

We use digital photography at Duncraig Dental Care to make it easy for patients to see and understand existing problems with their dental health.

With this technology, we are able to capture high-resolution images of teeth and gums using advanced cameras, which also enhances diagnostic precision and treatment planning.

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