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Tooth Fairy Ellen a Big Hit at Kindy and Pre-Primary Presentation.

It was a pleasure to pay a visit to Eddystone Primary School on 25th May 2015 to give an interactive presentation to the Kindy and Pre-Primary students.
Shenae, Tracy and Tooth Fairy Ellen (along with Boris our friendly dragon) went along to the school to talk to the children about tooth brushing techniques and tooth friendly snacks. Following the interactive talk all the children had a turn of brushing Boris’ teeth, with Boris’ dragon sized tooth brush!
For the children that had parental permission Ellen and Shenae demonstrated the lift the lip protocol – a technique designed to show parents how to check their children’s teeth for any early signs of decay. This is something we recommend parents do on a monthly basis so that they can detect any early signs of decay. Whiteness around the base of the tooth near the gum can be caught early and may even be reversed without the need of a filling. More advanced decay can look like brown spots on the teeth and if left can cause more severe problems requiring more invasive treatment.
The girls were also really happy to answer questions from parents and the children about any dental concerns they had.
Lots of fun was had by everyone involved. We even had reports back from the teachers that the children were giving feedback on how tooth friendly their lunch boxes were at lunchtime! A big thank you to Mrs Laing for organising the session and also the all the children for participating so well and having fantastic manners.
At Duncraig Dental Care we love getting out into the community. If you would like us to come and talk to your group about anything dental please call or email Amanda at the practice.

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