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Stop hiding your smile

Are you not comfortable showing your smile?   

Do you have crooked teeth and not comfortable having metal braces?  

Did you wish there was another alternative? 

In our world, technology has changed everything. Fifty years ago, no one would have Medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interface as medical conceptthought that we would be able to interact with each other on a handheld device “smartphones.” It is the same for dentists, many years ago we would have never thought to achieve perfect healthy smiles without metal braces.

Since the dawn of the modern orthodontics at the beginning of the twentieth century and up until 1997, the only way to straighten teeth and achieve perfect smiles was metal braces. And although they are very efficient in moving teeth they come at the cost of poor esthetics, tooth decay if oral hygiene is not well maintained, wires poking in the lips and cheeks, swelling and bleeding gums.

In 1997 a new company called Align Technology in California started using a computedentalwork_INVISALIGN_jpg-600x390r aided design in aligning and moving crooked teeth on a software virtually which enabled them to print plastic aligners using large 3D printers. That was a game changer as for the first time in the history of dentistry we were able to see the virtual movement of each tooth on a computer screen before it even happened in patients mouths. These plastic aligners are called Invisalign.

Today one of the reasons that make Invisalign very popular especially among adults are the ability to remove the aligners to eat, drinks, floss, and brush. Also being made of clear plastic they are almost invisible and hard to see, so whether you work in sales and interact with people every day or sit in an office, Unlike metal braces, Invisalign can easily fit into your lifestyle.

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