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Overcoming dental fears – Duncraig Dental Care

Overcoming your Fears – Tips for visiting Duncraig Dental Care

Dental phobia has stopped many people from visiting the dentist.

Dental fear in adults

Many people fear visiting a dentist due to a previously negative dental experience. Other people might be afraid of the pain and the equipment placed in the clinic, which makes them fearful. These fears can prove to be dangerous for your oral health.

Admittedly 60 years ago anesthesia was rare, in fact talking to my Father, he has some horror stories about visiting the regional dental clinic from the family farm and having fillings drilled and filled with no anesthetic.

We have many options to make your treatments as pleasant as possible, find out more about our IV sedation or sleep dentistry.

Tips to overcome the fears:

Here are a few tips that could help an adult overcome their dental phobia:

  • Relax: Make yourself comfortable and relax by taking deep breaths.
  • Visualize: Imagine yourself somewhere pleasant and replace the feeling of fear with some nice thoughts.
  • Be aware: A reason that many patients are fearful is various misconceptions about what happens at the dentist. Dentist and their staff are always happy to answer any questions you have about your procedure before your visit. Don’t hesitate to call them and enquire about what will happen at your visit.

Dental fear in children

Children especially can have dental phobia and this can come from uncertainty and also fear of pain and equipment used.

Here are some strategies that parents can adopt for helping your child with overcoming dental fears aka dental phobia:

  • Calm confidence – show your child that you are not afraid and they will feel comforted
  • Introduce your child to the dentist before your visit so they can have a friendly conversation which may ease the fear
  • Visit the dentist yourself – take your child with you to watch a routine check up at the dentist for yourself and the child will see that it is nothing to be afraid of
  • Talk about the benefits and importance of looking after your teeth, you can find out more on our children’s dentistry page

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