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Oral Hygiene Products Favoured Most by Our Dental Team

These  products help prevent gum inflammation, cavities and bad breath, improve your oral hygiene with some of Top 5 products we love the most!

Colgate Savacol Mouthrinse

Contains an antibacterial ingredient called Chlorhexidine gluconate which is clinically proven to help prevent and treat gingivitis (inflammation and bleeding of the gums).

Due to its antiseptic qualities Savacol helps with healing after gum treatment or surgery. Choose from mild mint and freshmint flavours. However this product should not be used over extended period.


Interproximal Brushes

These are small ‘bottlebrush’ type dental brushes that are specially designed to clean the spaces in between the teeth where your toothbrush alone cannot reach.  The interproximal brushes have a user friendly handle for a controlled grip and come with a plastic cap which also doubles up as an extension for the handle.

The brushes come in a variety of 5 different colour  and coded sizes depending on the size of the gaps between your teeth (one of our friendly dental professionals will be happy to advise you which size would best suit you). These brushes are best used daily after brushing and can be reused until it becomes worn down or unhygienic. Great for using to clean around braces, dental implants and bridges.


Colgate Pro-Relief Toothpaste

Studies have proven that this toothpaste, when used twice daily, significantly reduces tooth sensitivity caused by cold, heat or air pressure. Due to its unique Pro-Argin formula you can brush your teeth  with Colgate Pro-Relief toothpaste as regularly as required.

It contains fluoride, however, using your fingertips to massage the toothpaste into specific sensitive areas for atleast 30 secs, without follow-up rinsing, is also very effective for instant relief.


Oral B Triumph 500 Electric Toothbrush

This brilliant electric toothbrush features a wireless ‘smartguide’ display which you could stick to your bathroom mirror. One of its clever function ensures that your getting the most out of your tooth brushing by letting you know how long to brush each section of your mouth and also has a pressure indicator, which helps to avoid excessive brushing that can lead to gum recession.

The Triumph 500 uses the most advanced technology from Oral B and the brush head actually pulsates, oscillates and rotates to help break down and remove plaque build up.


Oral B Super Floss

Super floss is used for cleaning between braces, bridges and wider inbetween spaces. This floss has three features that make it easy to use with such dental appliances, the first feature is at one of the ends is a stiffened end that is used as a threader , it can easily inserted under the bridge or around brace bracket then pulled through to the second feature which is the spongy floss mid-section.  The spongy floss is used to clean around the appliances and finally the third feature is regular unwaxed floss which is used to clean around the gum line. This super floss comes in a pack of 50 pre measure strands.


So, now you know what products we think work best, why not start modifying your oral hygiene tools today.  All of the above products are available for sale here at Duncraig Dental Care.

Provided by Amy Lewis